Maryland Malicious Wounding Defense Aggravated Unlawful Lawyer Howard

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Malicious wounding is a more serious form of assault. In Maryland, malicious wounding also known as aggravated assault/battery occurs when one 1) tries to or does cause severe injury to another, or 2) causes injury through use of a deadly weapon with the intent to maim, disfigure or cause serious bodily injury.

A lesser included offense of malicious wounding is called an unlawful wounding.

Maryland Malicious Wounding Defense Aggravated Unlawful Lawyer Howard
Maryland Malicious Wounding Defense Aggravated Unlawful Lawyer Howard

The Maryland attorneys of SRIS, P.C. defend clients charged with malicious wounding and unlawful wounding in Maryland.

Please contact a Maryland attorney of SRIS, P.C. today, if you have been charged with either malicious wounding or unlawful wounding. You can call us at 888-437-7747 or our fast on line form. A Maryland lawyer from our firm will consult with you as to your options and possible defenses.

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