Maryland Disorderly Conduct Lawyer MD Disturb Breach Peace Howard


The disorderly conduct law is commonly described as a catch-all law. The disorderly conduct law in Maryland prohibits people from being drunk in public, disturbing the peace, etc. The law is designed to try and prevent people from making a nuisance of themselves in public.

Maryland Disorderly Conduct Lawyer MD Disturb Breach Peace Howard
Maryland Disorderly Conduct Lawyer MD Disturb Breach Peace Howard

When a person is doing something that the police consider a nuisance in Maryland, they usually charge the person with disorderly conduct. What many people do not realize is that simply being a nuisance does violate the law of disorderly conduct as written in Maryland. Therefore, people who are charged with disorderly conduct plead guilty without getting the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. Unfortunately, this results in the person being convicted of a crime that carries the possibility of jail time and a fine.

Even if the person convicted of disorderly conduct does not receive jail, they will certainly receive a permanent mark on their criminal record. Do not let this happen to you.

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